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Deadly Traffic
David Crosby’s fifth hardboiled thriller kicks off with a heartrending discovery : a gritty underbelly of modern-day slavery that’s been operating in reporter Will Harper’s backyard. Will’s informant’s a terrified teenager– a young Guatemalan immigrant who’s just escaped the elegant compound where she was enslaved as a maid. She’s on the run from hired goons who work for the sugar tycoon who held her captive, at the same time searching for her brother and sister, who’ve been sold as well.

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Shadow Informant
Carly wasn’t ready to deal with betrayal when it came. And there was no one there to offer a hand to help her get back up. Her ex used that weakness to convince the judge that she was an unfit mother. It wasn’t all about child support. It was malice, pure and simple. One part of her however, didn’t fracture. The one that wore a badge and swore to protect citizens of Chicago from all perils, foreign and domestic.

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