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Steamy Romance

Working Stiff
Here’s the problem: when Rox was hired, she told her smoking-hot boss Cash that she was married, but she’s not. Now, three years later, she’s kind of accidentally living with him, and he’s being a perfect gentleman, dang it. Everybody in the office said that Cash was a heartbreaker, that he’d bump her and dump her, so Rox decided not to become a statistic. She went out and bought herself some rings of the finest cubic zirconia so that she could work with Cash, who was several inches over six feet tall, emerald-eyed, ripped, gorgeous, his tailored suit clinging to his athletic body, sporting a British accent, and loaded.

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Just Pretend
Pretend to be my fiancée to make my ex-wife jealous? He couldn’t possibly be serious. Except that he was… And I was pretty damn serious when I went along with his mad plan. One word: Switzerland. That’s where I’d go to play the role of his fiancée. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Walker is my irresistible single dad next door.

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Velvet Fire
I never thought I’d fall in love with a cold blooded killer. But with those dreamy eyes and that smile that won’t quit, I won’t say no. So what if he’s a criminal. My uncles are criminals too. I’ve been around bad boys all my life. And who’s to say if he’s really that bad? Especially after he saves my life.

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