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Steamy Romance

My Ex’s Baby
August is my best friend’s older brother, and he just went with me to Macy and Gideon’s wedding. You know, friends with no benefits. Then we ended up having sex at said wedding. At the reception, not during the actual ceremony. Hello, I have some manners. We agreed to not do it again. Until I thought I was pregnant. And instead of being upset, I was happy. Except I wasn’t. Pregnant, that is.

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In Too Deep
At her wit’s end with her twelve-year-old niece, Wren Snow takes the manager’s job at Blue Spruce Lodge so Sky can get to know her father, Trigg Johanssen—a tycoon snowboarder with a playboy reputation. Gold-medalist Trigg Johanssen is furious she kept Sky a secret, but quits competition to focus on his newly discovered daughter only to have his chemistry with Wren complicate their attempts to co-parent.

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Screw Flirting
Brooke, a.ka. “Bug,” Stewert thinks she’s practically invisible. With her short hair and baggy overalls, she’s just one of the guys. She keeps to herself, spends most of her time fixing up her sailboat and planning her escape from her bizarro hometown, Spring, FL – where the men outnumber the women by like ten to one. Honestly, in a town overrun with hard up dudes, being different and unapproachable would suit Bug just fine, if it weren’t for her unrelenting crush on her brother’s best friend.

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