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SciFi and Fantasy

There is a secret so powerful that, once known, the world will never be the same. For centuries they have died to protect it. Nate found it. They know he did. Across time and dimensions they are after him.

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Providence Paranormal College
At Providence Paranormal College, class is about to start. Who’s enrolled? Students who are a bit different: vampires, werewolves, changelings, shifters, psychics, and magi. For one-hundred years, the college has taught and trained only psychics or magi, and for the first time, it’s opening the doors to those not different: regular humans. At this Ivy-League school, the students are expected to learn their powers and keep high grades.

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Star Cat
IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU PURR. What if Jelly the Cat is our only chance? Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, was where the lost expedition Space Opera Alpha vanished. It was assumed they’d all died, but a strange message left Mission Control with hope. Why wouldn’t survivors send a longer distress call?

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