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Only Together
When Nelson Samuels broke up with Paige Grayson and moved half-a-country away, Paige had no choice but to let him go and move on. It has taken a painful and difficult two years, but finally, she has with someone very special. So why, when things are finally going better has Nelson started calling again? Why can’t Paige forget about him and go on with her life? And if she can’t, what then?

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Driving the Billionaire
Sabrina Hopewell is swearing off romance. Sure, she’s been a sap her whole life, and most of the stage plays she’s written have been silly, swoony rom-coms. But after her latest heartbreak, she’s decided it’s time to grow up and leave the fairy tales behind. Unfortunately, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the entire city seems to be conspiring to make sure she doesn’t forget it. Which is why when the opportunity to get out of town for the day comes up, Sabrina doesn’t hesitate. Just her luck, her attempt to escape lands her in a car with New York’s most eligible dreamboat.

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