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SciFi and Fantasy

Heart of Thorns
She pretended she could not see them. They told her the fae weren’t real. Then they cut out a woman’s heart and she could no longer look away. Catherine’s first memories were of the fae. They visited her in her garden and wove garlands of flower in her hair. She offered them saucers of cream and honey. But they repaid her in tricks and misfortune. Her parents didn’t believe her, no one did, and so all her life she took the blame for their mischief. When Catherine arrives at her new home in the village of Thornwood, she determined to put her past behind her and live a normal life. That is until a girl is murdered by one of the fae.

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The Sunless Hours of Forever
Laz spends long days toiling in the mine of Darkhán. A bottomless pit that has not seen a ray of sunlight in a million years. He labors in the deep alongside his best friend, Dru. The cruelty of the mine has orphaned them both, and every day is a fight for survival.

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