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The world beyond the forest where Eddie’s family have been hunting and gathering is annihilated. The highways have been stripped of vehicles to allow the massive armies to move more freely and civilisation is a flood of gore without any whole corpses remaining. When Eddie fires a pistol into the face of his captor, the soldiers around him just laugh and stuff the pieces of brain back into the shattered skull of their leader. When Eddie attempts to comfort a cowering cellmate, she bites off his finger

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In Times of Peace
As The Empire prepares for the inevitable war against an unseen, unimagined enemy from beyond the realm of the known, an enemy that is determined to destroy everything at any cost… a group youngsters from far and wide are brought together to begin their initiation into The Imperium and face their faceless foe… and in this group of outstanding people there are two that stand out… a girl and a boy…

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