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Steamy Romance

From his ashes comes her destiny. Centuries ago, in the kingdom of Saleria, Avelai lost all he held dear. His home. His love. And nearly his life. Now, with the power of the gods at his feet, he’s doomed to roaming the land with innocent blood on his hands. Kylessia has a secret even she doesn’t know. When her perfect world is shattered on her wedding night, she’s forced to flee beyond the barrier. Hunted by the man she loves, her only comfort is her dreams, until a dark stranger begins to haunt them.

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When my dad asked me to intern for his best friend, I knew I should’ve said no. I had my own plans for the summer. Ones that didn’t include revisiting my childhood crush. Sleeping with the boss? Probably not what my dad had in mind when he asked for my help.

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Inherit Love
The 6-book Inherit Love collection follows six couples’ romantic journey to inheritance and love. Inside, you can escape to a tropical paradise or an Irish castle. Read stories of arranged marriages, second chances at love, office romances, enemies to lovers, and even amnesia. You’ll find marriages of convenience (and inconvenience), babies, football teams, bodyguards, and other smoking hot heroes.

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