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The Ghost at His Back
Ghosts are assholes, and no one knows that better than Garrett, long-suffering seer of the departed. Accompanied by his spectral friend Murphy, he has made a comfortable lifestyle for himself by taking down his city’s worst elements, but life is about to take some very strange turns for the beleaguered vigilante. A serial killer with eerie parallels to Garrett stalks the city’s streets, always on the lookout for his next victim, while a secretive gang of ritualistic psychopaths hunts for the thief who took out one of their own. Caught in the cross-hairs, it’s all Garrett and Murphy can do to stay one step ahead of their newest enemies.

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Golden Dreg Boy, Book 1
Seventeen-year-old Kade Shaw is a privileged Golden. Kade and his family have the best money can buy, living in the wealthiest area of Sector One. A bored rich kid, Kade’s tired of his mundane life, and regularly sneaks out to the skate park and the slums to take risks and feel alive—maybe even kiss a Dreg girl or two. Until one night at an illegal party, everything goes horribly wrong.

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The Shifting
Little remained of the world… …and those that were left must live with The Terror. Was there hope in Oregon? At 17-years old, Colleen has never known love except from her mother. Life on the dying earth was a struggle for survival, and then it got worse. Her vision began to fail. Should they listen to the rumors? The isolated life in North Texas was grim. They heard about a cure.

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