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Steamy Romance

I’m the good girl: a college student who studies hard, wants to do good, and plays by the rules. I shouldn’t be falling for a guy like Darren Lee, the bad boy owner of an exclusive nightclub that, unbeknownst to me, caters to an international triad. We’re absolutely wrong for each other. Maybe that’s why the heat between us is so sizzling hot…

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A Beauty So Cruel
Once upon a time… A Don by the name of Vlad Vitalli ruled New York. He’s a mafia man. The leader of one of the five ruling families, La Cosa Nostra. He’s a monster. A trained killer and a cold-blooded murderer. He’s tall, mysterious, with icy gray eyes, and he rarely smiles. He’s a criminal. Ruthless, cold, dangerous, and he is going to kill me.

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Rogue Wave
Sometimes, out of nowhere, comes the rogue wave… You can ride it, or get pulled under. I roamed the untamed ocean. Set out to play the conservationist hero. Those high seas? They remain lawless for countless reasons. Over ten years, I saw the worst that humanity has to offer. And accomplished… nothing.

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