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Simple Truths
A stolen kiss beneath the stars followed by gut wrenching heartbreak, rips apart Rochelle Le Roux and Thomas Campbell’s young lives. Having worked in Doctors without Borders, Rochelle Le Roux has seen the best and the worst humankind has to offer. After an African witch doctor seeks her out, Rochelle tries to convince herself it’s not the reason for her returning home after a decade of working around the globe, and that all she wants, is to live a quiet life in country of birth, South Africa. But when her path crosses that of the only man she’s ever loved, and who publicly rejected her, Rochelle is forced to consider that maybe fate has brought her back for a reason.

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US UK and CA

Cold Revenge
When two women are found murdered in remote parts of her small town, Police Chief Sidney Becker detects an alarming pattern. Both were killed in a grisly fashion, and an obscure Viking coin was planted on each corpse. The symbology of the coin will lead Becker to discover clues that are dark and disturbing. The more she uncovers, the more twisted the picture becomes. It appears the killer’s motive is revenge. What did his victims do to trigger these acts of brutal violence? The killer stays one step ahead of Becker’s team at every turn. As they close in, he becomes more dangerous. Sidney barely escapes his deadly traps of fire and ice.

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US UK and CA

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