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SciFi and Fantasy

Gemini’s Crossing
After learning he has only months to live, Gemini Fowler is granted one shot to cheat death when a billionaire game-developer offers to transfer his consciousness into a virtual realm using a technology that could end death as we know it. The catch: The only current VR with the capability to receive him is the unreleased video game, Enora Online, and Gemini must survive until level ten or be completely wiped from the servers… and existence. Welcome to Enora Online, where virtual is reality.

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The Secrets of Alaburg
A hideous beast with glowing red eyes ambushes Bryn on his way home through the forest. After a narrow escape, the sixteen-year-old must flee with his foster father Gerald to the only place that promises safety: Âlaburg University, where humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs come together to study the Colors of Magic. Bryn soon discovers he can use all three magical colors, which renders him powerful and dangerous at the same time. Will he learn to channel his powers with the help of his unlikely new friends and secure peace for the land, or will he become the one who spells out doom for the enlightened nations of Razuclan?

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US UK and CA

Love in an Undead Age
Surviving the zombie apocalypse was hard, but finding true love might be fatal. Urban farmer Miranda Tucci is lucky to be alive in what’s left of California’s Silicon Valley, despite a love life that’s dead on arrival. Then an old flame turns up at nearby Santa Clara University, and she wonders if her DOA love life might have a pulse.

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The Pirate
Death is a gamer. Who knew? Not Ethan, at least, not before a terrible accident left his best friend dying, and the Grim Reaper gave him a chance to win back his buddy’s soul. All he has to do is beat the dark angel in a race within the Captains & Cannons universe. Should be simple enough. After all, Ethan is no stranger to MMOs. But when Ethan fires up his computer, he’s sucked into a world filled with sea dogs and serpents, all of which are far too real for his taste.

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US UK and CA

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