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An Introduction to Programming in JavaScript
Start taking down the zombie horde with rapid fire web development programs. This book introduces you to JavaScript and a wide variety of beginner programming topics like variables, conditional statements, loops and functions. You’ll understand the different types of variables available to you and how to create and utilize them for maximum damage to the undead.

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Gifts from A Guide
Gifts from a Guide: Life Hacks from a Spiritual Teacher is the second book in Duke Tate’s My Big Journey series, expounding in detail many of the concepts and themes touched on in Duke’s first book Returning to Freedom: Breaking the Bonds of Chemical Sensitivity and Lyme Disease. It contains a wealth of knowledge the author learned from his Sufi Teacher Ali Dede, while being a student in Instituto Alef over a period of seven years from 2005 to 2012. Covering a variety of subjects such as: The Law of Attraction, Energy Therapies, Diet and Nutrition, Travel, Nature, Color Therapy, Relationships, Aromatherapy and Financial Know-How to name a few, it is a remarkable mine full of gems.

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