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SciFi and Fantasy

The City Below
The Great Blue Above… The White Nothingness… The Sky People… These only exist as whispered stories for the people of the City Below, humanity’s final habitat located beneath the snowy surface. Ruled by the ruthless Jonas family for generations, its citizens are fed lies by King Edmond, who controls the largest section of city and its army of guards. But the leaders of other sections begin to question the city’s history and King Edmond’s divinity, and their children dream about escaping through the guarded tunnels to learn the truth…

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Lies The Guardians Tell
Sierra Runar has lived her life with the rest of humanity, protected by the Guardians within the Sphere, the outside world rendered a wasteland by a battle two hundred years ago. When Sierra’s friend is murdered before her eyes, she’s forced to escape into the allegedly toxic wasteland of the Outside. Plunged into a deadly hunt for forbidden secrets, Sierra discovers she alone may possess the power to save humanity. Not knowing who she can trust, Sierra must choose between the fate of the world, and the lives of those who mean the most to her. Can Sierra learn the truth about her world and of her past, before it’s too late?

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The Fae King’s Dream
The first time I meet Damon, he rescues me from a nightmare. Literally. I’m stuck in a coma, and my mind is forcing me to relive the horrific accident that put me in this state over and over again. The gorgeous fae king is the only one who can give me peace. As if the dream can’t get any weirder, he tells me we’re soul mates. He says he can fix my banged-up brain. He wants to be my hero. Little does he know, I just might end up saving him. Because once I wake up, the real challenge begins. A bunch of vengeful witches want him dead, and they’ll stop at nothing to seal his fate.

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