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Steamy Romance

Family Bonds
Mac Bond, Chief of Police. He came from the black sheep side of the family and he carried it wrapped like a noose around his neck. He was tough, he was strong, and he was cocky. Women loved his hard side at first, then ditched him when they realized he couldn’t be anything but. He was sick of feeling like he’d never measure up and figured he’d be alone for a long time.

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Take Me Home
Once upon a time Gray Hartson was her big sister’s boyfriend. The most popular guy at school who never noticed a fourteen-year-old dreamer. Then he left town to become a superstar and never looked back. Ten years later Maddie Clark is all grown up and waiting tables in a diner, when he walks through the door and sends her heart spinning. And for the first time in their lives, he notices her too.

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Rusya Savisin, Russian mob boss. Not a nice guy. There isn’t a single line he won’t cross and that’s on a good day. When he loses his temper, even the devil isn’t safe. Esma Akkaya, wanted for murder in Turkey. Recovering alcoholic. Hot mess with a huge secret. Each day she doesn’t die is a good day. For Esma and Rusya, falling in love isn’t part of the plan. Rusya will take her, keep her, use her, shatter her. And that’s before he finds out she’s betrayed him.

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