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SciFi and Fantasy

The Dividing
Adamic is the language of the Gods. When spoken, it has the power to create worlds, to raise the dead, to make man as God. Fortunately, no one has spoken it in thousands of years. The only remnants are the written spells. The people of Cavernum depend on these spells. They’re etched into the city walls, fending off the feeders–deadly creatures with a thirst for human blood. Yet for the lower class, Cavernum isn’t much safer. Children starve, and illness runs rampant. Only the elite have access to magic, and status must be earned. One’s class is determined by a single competition: The Dividing. Those who excel join the guild of their choice. The rest are sent to the fields, condemned to a life of slave-labor.

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Older Younger Sister
Samantha is a teenager with a dream. She wants to play professional soccer. But she wishes babysitting her six-year-old sister Skylar didn’t get in the way of her practice so much. One day, she bumps into a brunette on the street who claims to be Skylar. But the girl is a teenager so that can’t be right. Wait. She says she’s from the future? What?

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