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SciFi and Fantasy

Secrets of the Past
Coral’s life on the ocean floor is a lonely one. Being a half-human half-octopus puts a target on her back—one that earns her almost daily persecution from the “high-born” Nymphs. However, after a bloody brawl with some underwater hooligans, Coral discovers she has access to a rare form of magic that her family had long since tried to bury. Her unwitting display of power in front of a professor from the coveted Ocean Academy earns her an invitation to attend the most prestigious prep school in the ocean.

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Hidden truths about The War, The Authority and magicium have been revealed. But the secrets they have each discovered mean no-one is safe. A spate of Mythtake gaol breaks across the globe seem to herald the next phase of Mistress’s plan. But while newly-formed teams scramble to minimise the damage, a darker intention is revealed. It will fall to one of these four to prevent the utter destruction of one of the world’s greatest cities from the power of the Disruption. And the consequences could be too heavy for any of them to carry.

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