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Novelist Krista Wagner presents a story-structure guide for writers to explore and create a world of spiritual dramatic suspense. Using one of her stories as a template, she walks you through how to craft a tension-infused story that hits all the reader’s expectations.

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God is Like a Democrat and a Republican
This devotional dives into how both sides of the political aisle may be performing different functions in the body of Christ. Through fifteen political issues the devotional explores both a Christian Republican’s and a Christian Democrat’s thoughts on the issue and how they reflect the creator that made them both.

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Returning to Freedom
In 1999, Duke Tate became deathly ill after getting bitten by a Wolf Tick on The Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. Less was known about Lyme Disease at the time, so his strange symptoms went untreated even though he had all the telltale signs of Lyme. After over a year of being nearly bedridden, his family finally managed to get him treatment by a medical doctor with extensive IV and oral anti-biotics for Lyme. The medicine worked and he became well enough to re-enter culture and live on his own, but he was still chronically fatigued. As days turned into years, he pretended like he was well and started dating and working but was truly struggling with fatigue on a daily basis.

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