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WELCOME! is the first tale in the humorous, rollicking international thriller series of Dublin tales featuring dashing detective Jack “Dildo” Dillon by Mike Faricy. Jack’s no less libidinous than Faricy’s popular Dev Haskell, but he’s a bit more mature—and way better with a gun. Think action-packed: Marshal Dillon Rides Into Dublin. Jack’s a U.S. Marshal abroad, escorting a fugitive named Daniel Ackerman and having a wonderful time—at first. All goes smoothly, and he’s had a splendid tour of the fair city in the company of Garda (Officer) Ann Dumphy—the lovely colleen assigned to mind him—until the transfer of the prisoner at the airport. It seems Ackerman’s Russian partner would prefer that Ackerman not stand trial in the U.S., and sends a team of his thugs to prevent it.

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A Mackenzie Witch
’Tis the Season to Be Creepy: The Halloween Neighborhood Committee has issued Lexie with a warning to shape up. That means no more plastic Jack-o’-lanterns. As the incoming High Chair of the American Continent and all Circumferential Domains Pertaining to the Mackenzie Coven she cannot be blacklisted. Her plan to impress the committee with an exclusive Jack-o’-lantern carved by Starr Black is derailed when the pumpkin carver extraordinaire is found dead. It’s all hands-on deck. Her personal assistant, Octavia, is at hand to help her with the Halloween display and, this time, Lexie has not one but two O’Rourke detectives to assist her with the investigation, as well as her loyal feline companion, Luna, who has to set aside her severe aversion to pumpkins. But time is running out. If she doesn’t find the killer soon, the next victim could be Lexie’s one of a kind Jack-o’-lantern.

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Final Juror
Rachel Tetlow asks Brad Frame to investigate the unsolved murder of her father, who served on a jury in a racketeering case against a Philadelphia-area drug kingpin. Her father’s death resulted in a mistrial. As his investigation in the Tetlow case gets underway, Frame is summoned to jury duty on a sensational local murder that appears to have captured everyone’s attention except his.

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