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Alone on the Ridgeway
Each time a person walks a path, it’s a different adventure. Alone on the Ridgeway is the inner journey of the author’s solo 87-mile walking adventure along one of England’s National Trails—first in 2016, then again in 2020. More than just a walking travelogue or memoirs of a walking holiday, this book contains Holly’s reflections on walking the Ridgeway, including lessons learned and practical information to help you plan your Ridgeway hiking adventure. It includes a suggested packing list, gear recommendations, and other useful tips, such as when to walk the Ridgeway, where to stay, and how much you’ll need to budget.

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God is Like 2020
This book was written during the chaos of 2020 to show how God can be seen in everything. We look for God in the major and not so major storylines and themes of the year. If you are looking for a fun devotional that challenges your perspective, you’ve found it.

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Rapid Knowledge Absorption
Teaching others is a huge responsibility. Delivering knowledge in a way that reaches everybody is challenging. Deciphering the needs of different learners is perplexing. Effective teaching is an art based on rigorous scientific research. Yet, impactful teaching can be reduced to a set of straightforward, actionable steps that you, coming from any walk of life, can master! How? I will tell you in this book.

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