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I once was a whole person – a wife, a mother, a sister, a detective. The serial killer I hunted destroyed my life the night he brutally murdered my husband and children in front of me. Somehow, I survived the attack. I survived – but I’m not truly alive. Alone, I live in a cabin surrounded by hundreds of acres of trees – unable to leave my property – unable to face my past. Each night, the ghosts of my dead family keep me company. I cherish those moments – priceless snippets of stolen time.

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A Prison Without Locks
Wawarsing is a quiet hamlet in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Population, 8,000 and dwindling daily. The village priest notices many of the locals dying under mysterious circumstances. Doctor Pretorius, the town’s physician, an odd fellow, bears a deep dark secret. The dead are coming back, and they hunger. The priest needs help fighting the evil that hides in closets, basements, or under the bed. An elderly nun, with the aid of an archangel, comes to the rescue—the problem lies with who is really dead and who is really alive? One thing is for sure, be afraid of the night.

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US UK and CA

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