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Just Ella
Ariella is royalty, a princess of Dalthia, but palace rules and the strictures of society leave her restless and longing for more. When she meets Gavin, a palace gardener who both catches her eye and challenges her authority, she feels drawn to him, but how can she befriend a commoner under the watchful eye of her royal family? When her budding relationship with Gavin is discovered, her idyllic days spent in the gardens come to an end—and Gavin suffers the consequences.

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Silver Dollar
Samantha’s dream is to build a fitness center for paraplegic athletes. Her goal is within reach, but she’s struggling to get across the finish line. Maybe it’s because the sexy CEO who has shown up to sell her his latest gadget is causing a distraction. Blake, the CEO of 3D Robotics, has come to Silver Fox Resort to evaluate an exoskeleton candidate. He’s immediately attracted to the stubborn woman and assumes she will love the robotic suit. He’s so convinced the first meeting will go well, he’s made plans to spend the rest of the week vacationing at her resort. Then tragedy strikes. Sam rejects his state-of-the-art unit and him. Yet, Blake never gives up once he decides there is something worth fighting for, and Sam Foster is worth every ounce of effort.

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