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The Manager’s Dilemma
Every one of the parties working on a project has their own interests, which many times are conflicted with the interests of the project itself. Nothing affects the progression of projects more than this conflict of interests, and yet, the theory of project management disregards it entirely. The Manager’s Dilemma is a groundbreaking project management book. It explains why the Critical Path and the Critical Chain methods fail time and time again, and paves a new road to project efficiency improvement, through the Theory of Constraints and Game Theory.

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The Art of Failure
We spend most of our time and energy chasing success, such that we have little left over for thinking and feeling, being and relating. As a result, we fail in the deepest possible way. We fail as human beings. This mind-bending, award-winning book, written by an Oxford psychiatrist and philosopher, explores what it means to be successful, and how, if at all, true success can be achieved.

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