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The Last Kill
When a 20-year-old American volunteer is savagely assaulted and left for dead on a windswept island off the coast of Africa, her estranged father, Bill Blake, flies to her bedside. While he tries to find the courage to terminate his daughter’s life support, the contract killer plots revenge against the men who attacked her: psycho gangbanger Johnny Zero and his crew.

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What I Know
This is what Della knows: that the worst monsters hide behind a confident smile. That most people don’t want to accept that. That no matter what you say, they won’t believe you… Della was just eleven years old when her brother first tried to kill her. She has never forgotten the lessons she learned as a child—or forgiven herself for the mistakes she made. So when Della meets Zoey, and looks into her cold, calculating eyes, she freezes. For a moment, terrifying memories threaten to overwhelm her. She has been watching out for people like her brother all her life, and she’s convinced that Zoey has darkness inside her.

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US UK and CA

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