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SciFi and Fantasy

Return: Hansel and Gretel Retold
Rhona is certain her stepmother wants to kill her and her sisters, and she’ll stop at nothing to do it. Leaving them in the woods alone, drugging their food and drink…is nothing safe? Bitter at his brother’s betrothal, Grieve is banished to Rum Island as a squire to Rhona’s father. Grieve thought he had enough trouble with Rhona’s stepmother and the threat of war with Alba, until a witch takes Grieve and Rhona prisoner.

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Of a Strange World Made
Biologist Ash Morgan loves breaking rules, but this is getting ridiculous. She plays fast and loose with the ultra-strict governing AI in the planetary colony of Edge, but even she’s willing to admit that maybe there are some laws not meant to be broken. When a fellow colonist asks for help delivering a child that the AI hasn’t condoned, Ash agrees to help against her better judgment.

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Ghost Electricity
Rob wants a good job, friends to head to the pub with and a solid cage to lock himself in three nights a month. Julian dropped off the face of the Earth four years ago. He’s back and trying to stay under the radar. But London after dark is full of dangers they cannot survive alone. Fiona has a monster in her shadow but she doesn’t know how it got there. A creature in the shape of a man is on her trail and he knows things about Fiona she doesn’t know herself. Along with her inventor ten-year-old sister Jessica, Fiona will attempt to unravel the web of lies that surrounds them both.

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