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Casey Jones Mysteries Vol. 1-7
Casey Jones cannot be beat for rowdy, action-packed adventures with humor, romance, and hard-boiled mayhem aplenty. She’s hot, she’s hilarious, and she’s so headstrong her quasi-boss Bobby D. can only shake his massive head and do as the lady says. The hot and hilarious parts go hand-in-hand as the plus-size detective fantasizes her way through a small army of possible inamoratos, now and then anointing one or another, although always off the page and always accompanied by a wisecrack or three.

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A Devilish Charm
A murder occurs close to the Farmer’s Market when another vendor bites the dust. Ernest sold antiques and obtained his wares from estate sales. A few items in particular weren’t supposed to be a part of one sale and the daughter, Jill, wants those items back, but Ernest says he didn’t buy the toiletry set, but sales records say otherwise. She doesn’t believe him and the next thing you know he’s in the morgue. Ernest’s wants a divorce from his spendy wife before she bankrupts him. Did she decide he’s worth more dead than alive? And Tabitha, the dark witch is back. Could she have planned Ernest’s demise because she wanted the toiletry set, which is said to contain a magical element?

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The Unsub
In his seventh hard boiled tale, New York-based private eye Joey Mancuso travels to the lush, verdant shores of Miami Beach. But this is no vacation—Joey’s wading knee deep into a gritty cesspool of corruption, using his street smarts and industry connections to investigate a vast financial conspiracy. A young hedge fund employee—a kid right out of college, green as can be—was killed by an anonymous sedan while on a motorcycle ride after hitting the South Beach clubs. Miami Beach police don’t seem interested, but Joey does—the kid’s dad is a friend of a friend. And Joey Mancuso is nothing if not a loyal friend. So Joey and Marcy, his gun-toting F.B.I. agent wife, hole up on a boat in Miami Beach, hellbent on figuring out how an entry-level employee could provoke such tragedy.

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