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SciFi and Fantasy

On Borrowed Luck
Trying to avoid an unfair fight, Kirrin dives into a fancy carriage that takes him to the estate of a powerful Lord. Caught trespassing and stealing, he’s sentenced to work on the estate to pay for his error. In the rough and tumble world of the servants’ quarters, he learns how to fight the hard way, but turns his punishment into a golden opportunity. When he returns home, he receives a mysterious challenge to prove his value to the Lord. Kirrin jumps at the chance to impress the man who could change his future. Flitting between an ordinary life and the world of the rich and powerful, Kirrin balances his loyalties on a knife’s edge.

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US UK and CA

The Crown of Stones
What if you were born with an addiction to magic? What if your pleasure meant their pain? Ian Troy is one of the Shinree, a fallen race born with an addiction to magic. Enslaved and drugged to suppress their deadly desires, the Shinree live to serve their masters. After years of forced combat in Rella’s long, brutal war, Ian is desperate for peace. With defeat imminent, he defies the queen’s orders and wields the Crown of Stones; an ancient relic of untold power. Unaware of the artifact’s true nature, he ends the war, but pays a terrible price.

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US UK and CA

The Last Book
Teased by the alluring Zzazza and threatened by her jealous mother, Felix flees to the New World with pride barely intact. His hopes are tied to the woman of his dreams—astral mentor and future first woman president, Sophie Vaughan. On the road across 1970s America, his quest galls with disappointment. Will they ever be reunited for that final, multidimensional battle with the Dark Forces for power—and a lifeline of enduring love? A digital document called “The Last Book” proves the virtual pathway to hack the truth and find a safe haven.

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US UK and CAor NOOK:

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