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The First Wife’s Secret
My father looks around the room and raises his glass of champagne high.
‘Friends and family, I’m so glad you’re all here today. Because there’s something I’ve been wanting to share with you.’ The way my stepmother’s looking at him I can tell right away Dad’s gone off-script. He looks out over us all and rubs his hand across his sweat-beaded forehead. He’s shaking, I notice. And then he looks my way and his glance is absolutely piercing. Piercing, that’s what I’m thinking when his knees suddenly buckle and the glass drops from his hand. It smashes like a grenade, an explosion of deafening silence.

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A Year at Appleyard Farm
Down a winding lane lined with honeysuckle and wild flowers, there’s a beautiful orchard beside the rushing River Wye. There, in a little farmhouse in the furthest corner, a young woman has a difficult and life-changing decision to make… Life on Appleyard Farm is all Freya Sherbourne has ever known. Having spent her childhood playing between the blossom-heavy apple trees, Freya can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. But times have been hard since her father’s sudden death, and now that she’s being forced to put the farm up for sale, her world is about to come crashing down.

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