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One Dollar System
A short guide, a cheatsheet, a template, a resume template, a book, a magazine, a video tutorial, a graphical asset, a specific tool, a plugin, an app, a videogame… I’m hard pressed to think that anyone looking at this doesn’t have at least a dozen great one dollar ideas. But nobody cares for them, we’re all too busy looking for the mythical million dollars beasts. So we still ourselves and wait patiently as time crawls by. From time to time we stir with excitement only to uncover it had already been done. So we withdraw, waiting for our next moment to strike. Waiting for that one juicy idea to start in force.

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Guardians of Churchill’s Secret Army
The men and women who served as agents of the World War 2 Special Operations Executive were courageous. But courage was not enough. They also needed to learn the caution and suspicion that might just keep them alive, deep undercover in enemy territory. Guardians of Churchill’s Secret Army tells the stories of the extraordinary men who taught them those skills and thought processes. They helped trainee agents learn how to seem innocuous while preparing resistance, subversion and sabotage. Each spoke several languages. Many became agents themselves and faced danger with great bravery; that’s part of their story too. All played a crucial role in the global effort to undermine the enemy.

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