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Los Sueños Blues
It’s all blue skies and clear freeways when rock singer and improv investigator Jim Shalabon moves to Los Angeles. Until, that is, Hollywood’s hottest actress comes calling. Three days later she’s murdered.

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US UK and CA

Bachelor Games in Good Hope
It’s all fun and games, until someone loses their heart… Clay Chapin has looks, money and a knack for picking the wrong women. When the matchmaking matriarch of Good Hope insists she can find him the perfect woman, Clay figures he has nothing to lose by playing along. Though a bevy of beautiful bachelorettes parade in front of him, it’s the one woman who isn’t into games that catches Clay’s eye. If Clay wants to keep true love from slipping through his fingers, he’s going to have to convince Bea he isn’t the player he seems to be.

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US UK and CA

The Ranger’s Chance
Mia Milan’s buck list includes a scenic drive up the East Coast, so when she’s offered a job installing security software in Miami, she jumps at the chance. What she doesn’t know is that her new client, Harrison, is a part of a human trafficking network and he’s using her as bait. When a notorious human trafficker is freed on a technicality, Noah Wolf sets his sights on Mia Milan—the cybersecurity expert he’s convinced is the key to bringing down the entire ring. His mission is to get close to her and convince her to turn on her employer. Only things aren’t what they seem.

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US UK and CA

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