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Steamy Romance

A Heart to Call Home
After an indifferent divorce, Reed Peterson traded in her high-profile career in the city for an opportunity to try her hand at running a business of her own. She’s not sure if the small town life is for her, but since part of her new mission in life is to adopt the free-spiritedness her mother had once embodied, she knows she has to give it a try. She needs her freedom, and she needs it now. Even if the fresh air might suffocate her.

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The Shameless Series Boxed Set
Five years ago, Jane helped presidential candidate’s daughter Lindsay after an unspeakable crime. Now it’s Jane who stands accused, caught at the heart of a presidential candidate’s scandal that threatens her very life. As people in her life turn up dead, she swears she’s innocent, but forces around her continue to make her look like the betrayer — and possibly, the murderer. Can her bodyguard, Silas, save her?

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Billion Dollar Fiancé
Liam Carter was once my best friend and childhood crush. Now he’s a playboy billionaire in need of a fake fiancée. The first time I meet Liam again after fifteen years, I ruin his suit with marinara sauce at a fancy party. I’m the caterer, he’s the guest. It’s only mildly humiliating. But the second time I see him? That’s when he pops the question all girls long to hear. Will you be my fake fiancée?

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