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SciFi and Fantasy

Lunatic City
Detective Frank Parker couldn’t let it go. If the department wouldn’t investigate his partner’s murder, he would. Now, the Tycho City PD is coming for his job, and a city’s-worth of tattoo-faced psychos are out for his blood. When he takes a private case from a shady entertainment mogul, it takes him on a wild rollercoaster ride from the seedy nightclubs and human despair of the Lower City to the bright lights and high-tech luxury of the Upper. As he closes in on his quarry, a terrible truth comes into focus.

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Sarisart: Book One
A special forces troop and an ordinary woman are transported to another planet through a wormhole forcing them to work together to survive. Imagine being forced onto a plane by a bunch of mercenaries and then crash-landing on another planet. That is what happened to Sara Newman and it was all thanks to her father and an alien named Andrin.

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The Universal Church of the Red Planet controls all the religious and political institutions on Mars. Bibles are banned and the people oppressed by religious remissions imposed on them by the church. The biblical account of the Garden of Eden has been changed so that the official teaching of the church is that Eve ate the apple, but Adam never did. That is used to justify the oppression and persecution of women, by men and the church. A young girl, Abbey, discovers a copy of an original scribed manuscript of the Bible with the accurate account of the Eden story and sets out to reveal what she has learned to the masses by posting a thesis with copies of the original account on the Vandenberg Church doors under the name Martian Luther.

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