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Resistance Girl
Poland, 1942. Chaya is a seventeen-year-old daydreamer, whose life is turned upside down when the Nazi regime invades her home. When her father and brother are brutally murdered, she and her mother are banished to the ghetto. When all the Jews of the ghetto are instructed to round up at the front gate, Chaya and her mother fear that the end is near. But miraculously, Chaya manages to slip away, escaping from the ghetto unseen. She wanders from hiding place to hiding place, suffering many hardships, assisted by good people who are willing to risk their lives to ensure her safety.

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Cold rain. Blistering sun. Sleeping on hard ground. And always tired muscles.
Where’s the payoff? Seeing that the world sparkles is what this book is really about. Our lives get so busy and so narrowly focused. Sometimes, we need to get away for a new perspective—even if it’s only getting away between the covers of a book. Join the author. Feel pressing wind and bumps in concrete. Hear rain pelting tent nylon. Are you ready?

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