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SciFi and Fantasy

Race of Thieves
You’d never know that Shatter Cage is a were-squirrel by looking at him. Between fake fire charms and his impenetrable confidence, everyone believes he’s the phoenix he claims to be. The lie is a necessary part of his branding. He’s determined to become a Hero, blessed by the Oracles and venerated by legions of followers. For now, he’s just one more thief slinging magical artifacts on the black market, hoping for infamy to strike like lightning. But he’s never going to become canonized if Gutterman, demon and loan shark, gets his pound of flesh from Cage first.

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The Scarred God
Anya longs to be a warrior like her grandmother, the legendary witch-warrior of the Shaanti, and is ready to defy her grandfather’s last wishes and take the ink. With her village captured and best friend killed by the invading Kurah, Anya must defeat them before the rest of the Shaanti fall. But the Kurah have a secret weapon: an exiled Shaanti god in search of revenge. Escaping to the Rift Forest, Anya must rely on her reluctant ally, Vedic, to find her way through the woods and free the goddess of her people. But what is Vedic keeping from her? How can Anya unite the forest and the Shaanti against their common foe? And with the fate of the world in her hands, just how far is she prepared to go to defeat her enemies?

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