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Beginner CSS
There’s a zombie gnawing on your arm! But there wouldn’t be if you threw some CSS in its face. Zombies loath web development and when you take those websites from skeletal HTML structures to fleshed out CSS beauties they’ll take out twice the zombies per site. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is how you add color, design and style to your website.

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Branding Secrets
More than 4 years of research, 34 entrepreneurs interviewed, $30,000 invested, hundreds of enemies made along the way, 1 attempted lynching, barred from the lucrative circle of ‘experts’… All this just to be able to share the best kept secrets of the branding world with you, secrets that will enable you to build your brand for much less money than you think.

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Unique life philosophy, powerful techniques & formulas to raise prana energy, expand consciousness, relinquish negativity, find your eternal reality, awaken the soul within and become master thinker having tremendous control over emotions & focus; A REAL YOU who has been created to win in each & every situation/moment of life be it any!!!

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