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It takes 40 days to develop a new habit, but only one to change your life—the day you buy Way to Be. Wise, witty, and insightful, this transformational book has 40 practical chapters that don’t just teach you how to be mindful—but how to “Be Kind”…“Be Playful”… “Be Sacred,” and “Be Wrong”—just to name a few. This is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else you truly love. Open any chapter and find a new…Way to Be.

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Savoring the World
I am an avid world traveler. I have lived in a variety of international locations, and I have both studied abroad and taught abroad. I have backpacked, camped out, stayed at youth hostels, and now, in my senior years, I have stayed in topnotch hotels and resorts. I have flown standby, and I have flown first class. I have hitchhiked, and I have taken public transportation, slow trains, fast trains, boats, and ships. I cherish my memories. They are solid, like granite, and they remind me of what I have been through and of how they have made me into a better person. World travel has taken me out of my comfort zone, has freed me from ever living a cocoon like life, has taught me to reach for the stars, and has provided me with an education that far surpasses any level that I could have achieved in any other way.

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