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Steamy Romance

Shattered Diamonds
Can Alex rebuild his life? Josie was the darling of Brunswick Bay Harbor. The locals rallied around her dreams of Olympic gold in swimming. It wasn’t to be and her life crashed down around her. Can she find meaning again? Alex misses his wife. Heartbroken and barely hanging on, he must raise his daughter alone. Living each day as the prime suspect in the scandal of the century is more than he can bear. How could they believe it was him?

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Perfectly Matched
Nestled in the rolling hills of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains sits the small town of Harbor Falls–a town that boasts of a booming tourist industry laced with southern charm and grace, topped off with a host of quirky characters and one very busy chef and B&B owner by the name of Suzie Hart.

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The Italian Billionaire Seduces a Thief
Meet Theresa Holden. Smart, accomplished, beautiful, and cool as ice. But when her mother comes down with deadly illness, and requires expensive surgery to survive, even a reformed thief can lose their cool. Now, Theresa is racing against time to recover a priceless work of art and claim the reward. If she fails, her mother will die… Enter Vittorio Mancini. Suave, handsome, and devilishly charming, this world-renowned art collector has purchased the very same stolen sculpture that Theresa desperately needs. And if she has to engage in a torrid affair with the handsome billionaire to get her hands on it….

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