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Music Man
Even at 40, plus-size writer Claire is infatuated with her own personal rock star. Is it the beard? The flannel? The guitar? Claire isn’t sure, but Jack is simply irresistible. It’s no wonder she pushes him to audition for a local singing contest. You’re never too old to chase your dreams, right? Music was Jack’s first love. When life got in the way of him making it big as a singer/songwriter, he settled for teaching music–including giving piano lessons to a stunning curvy redhead named Claire. He’s fallen head over heels for her–just in time for his big break to finally arrive. But do you ever really give up on your first love?

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Mail Order Bride’s Baby And Her Idealistic Lumberjack
Give up the baby. Or become a mail order bride. Given away as a young woman to a cruel husband who died, leaving her to care and provide for an infant by herself, Anna Rockwell believes she has no other means of survival than to marry yet another stranger out west. When she meets Samuel Huwa, however, Anna’s life of heartbreak and fear is not over, yet.

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An Expectation of Love
As the youngest daughter, Lady Dorothea has been a little more indulged by their father than her sisters. Being fully aware in her own mind as to what she wished her future husband to be, she is immediately dissuaded from accepting the Earl of Windford’s attentions due to the fact that he has something of a limp and cannot partake in society to its fullest extent.

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