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The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners
These countries included Italy, Greece, France, and Spain. People from these countries lived longer compared to other countries. They also had a healthier heart. The Mediterranean diet features simple recipes, often rich in beans, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, herbs, and spices. It comprises seafood, olive oil, cereals, lean meat, nuts, legumes, vegetables, and low-carb fruits like grapes. It also had low amounts of dairy products like cheese, milk, and butter.

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We have been admonished in Deuteronomy to “choose life [so] that both you and your descendants may live.” But what does it mean to choose life? Trophimus Odie in Thorns and Kisses uses personal experiences and biblical truths to explore how we can choose life. We all possess a human element that could prevent us from really living life. But if you learn to tame your behaviors, navigate the problems of the world, and acquire necessary attributes, you can change your life.

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