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Eat What You Kill
Arlon Grey, disadvantaged by a rare form of autism, must somehow perform his due diligence investigations for a long-time client at Allies Creek, Queensland. Amid strange sounds and bizarre events that result in lives lost and common beliefs questioned, Arlon and his crew are tested to their limits by the horror that challenges them.

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The Presence
During a job interview for a branch manager position, Rosalind Lanners learns that others think the library is haunted. But with a horrible credit score, a mountain of school debt, and less than three figures in her bank account, Rosalind takes the job and hides out there at night until she can find an affordable apartment. When cold spots precede unsettling, seemingly impossible events, Rosalind begins to wonder if the stories are true. These strange occurrences soon take on a more sinister edge, but circumstances outside her control force her to stay in the one place she’d like to escape at all costs.

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US UK and CA

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