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SciFi and Fantasy

The world is going to hell around them. What are they willing to risk to make it right? What if they fall in love along the way? Private Sadie Wydell is plunged into a maelstrom of political suspicion when she’s picked to be the personal assistant to her alien commander. Commander Serrah is determined to testify in defense of a telepath on trial for a massacre, despite the military higher-ups having opened up an investigation into him for doing so.

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Undercover and under stress. What can she do when an alien stowaway is discovered? How much is she willing to sacrifice to do the right thing? Sadie Wydell has one mission: Get her alien lover out of the human system before the government can kill him. Undercover in a small town, she and Serrah wait for the all-clear to rejoin the rebellion. The discovery of another alien threatens this mission, however, as violence and suspicion erupt.

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All The Dead Things
Hunted by the deathlings, ghosts that only he can see, Stan flees through London’s streets. Scared and alone in an unknown city, he doesn’t know who he can trust, until he meets Gabby, a ghost leading a revolt against the deathlings’ master. The deathlings believe Stan is the Seer, a human destined to be their doom. They’ll stop at nothing in their pursuit of him, even breaking time itself. Now Stan must find his way to the truth, before the deathlings steal his soul. If he fails, they’ll be free to destroy the balance between the worlds of the living and the dead forever.

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