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My Soul Loves
Ava Milton isn’t making the move to the tiny town of Hidden Creek, Tennessee because she’s running from something. She isn’t escaping a bad job or an ex-boyfriend, and she’s not in the witness protection program. She’s not even leaving the city in hopes of a grand adventure. Nope, her motive is as simple as inheriting a house in a place she loves and deciding to see whether life in a small town suits her.

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Saving Each Other
Maria is an inexperienced vocational nurse desperate to get out of Los Angeles. When she uploads her résumé to an employment site, she never dreams it could lead to being considered by the famous jet-setting Mitchell family who live on a remote tropical island. Brian is a rescue pilot who wants to settle down, but is far too busy to play the dating game. He never dreamed that Grandma’s nurse might turn out to be everything he ever wanted, delivered right to his doorstep.

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Maybe It’s You
Ellen’s not looking for love. And if she were, it sure as hell wouldn’t be in tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Fairfield, Indiana. But when a summer rainstorm and her car (that’s admittedly seen better days) conspire against her, sexy bookstore owner Sam is there to help her out. And ruin all of her plans. Too bad she’ll be gone by morning.

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