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Prepped to Kill
Ricky Steele, a fifty-eight year old odd jobber, plays a practical joke on her former boarding school, a joke that plunges her headlong into kidnapping and murder. While she pretends to be an ace private investigator, the niece of Massachusetts’ governor goes missing and a murderer terrorizes the campus. Ricky enlists the aid of her former roommates and together, the three create mayhem during Whitley School’s reunion weekend, bungling along in search of the truth. Join Ricky on her first caper and see how this humorous rollicking mystery series got its start.

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Bound for Magic
Mary is a detective with the special ability of knowing when someone is lying, which comes in handy in a murder investigation. But when a witness claims to have seen a strange animal with a human in its mouth, can Mary believe it, even if her instincts tell her it’s true? Her cat Ugly seems to be making noises other than the usual meows…like she’s trying to communicate. Is Mary losing it or is Ugly attempting to speak or something even more unusual? Mary’s dreams are also trying to tell her something….that a group called the Soul Brokers are in need of payment. Make remuneration or forfeit an innocent soul. What the heck has she gotten herself into?

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