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The Sword of Saint Michael
Jocelyn Radomski kills four innocent people after running out of her anti-psychotic meds in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. And she’s afraid she will kill more innocents. But the Archangel Metatron sends her on a mission from God. Her sin will be forgiven if she finds a way for scientists to study her immunity to half of the zombie pathogen and find a cure for humanity.

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Black Blade
When Fate Calls, Should You Answer? Excalibur, always questing, calls out across the ages for a worthy hand, and Lance, a cynical American student is chosen. In his heart Lance had never doubted his own worth, so recognizing his destiny, Lance seizes his fate. As he journeys deeper and deeper into the supernatural world below present day London, the voice of the sword, and the hero inside, grow ever louder. Caught in a war between magical families, Lance faces the ultimate question: does he rule the sword, or does the sword rule him?

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US UK and CA

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