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SciFi and Fantasy

Spectrum Worlds
It is 2118, and the Postman, second-generation android, having given up hope of finding out who killed the android he loved, is one delivery away from retirement. But when he learns this final job is delivering a human called Lola, he is confronted with the truth after all. After helping Lola and a group of rebel humans attack the corrupt, state-sponsored Fr.e.dom, the Postman and his new associates become hunted vigilantes. Trapped inside city walls designed to keep androids in and humans out, the Postman must escape on his solar-jet powered bike through the neon-lit streets of the city if he wants to stay alive.

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Power Born
Chiara and her twin brother each received a blessing at birth. Thanks to a mistake, she was saddled with extraordinary strength. Certain that men couldn’t desire a girl who could lift a horse with one hand, she vowed to keep her power a secret. As a petite girl, she had no problem appearing to be ordinary. But when bandits start terrorizing her town and a handsome stranger accidentally learns of her secret, Chiara finds herself facing the very crisis she’s been trying to avoid.

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US UK and CA

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