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Getting Over Anxiety The Yogic Way
Do you worry constantly about your work and the anxiety arising out of it does not let you sleep peacefully? Is your mind always overflowing with negative thoughts, keeping you perpetually under stress Do you dread the way you feel during a panic attack, which leaves you stunned like a deer in the headlights with your heart pumping wildly and sweat gushing out of every pore of your body?

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Holy Resilience
This is a collection of short daily devotions as well as longer devotional stories. To get a quick read in the morning to start your day right, jump to the Daily Devotion section. When you have more time and want to see God’s faithfulness show through someone’s life story, read one of the Devotional Stories in the second half of the book. This collection is formed with various authors around the world. The viewpoints of each author do not reflect those of everyone involved. We differ on some theological issues, but our goal is to come together—despite those differences—to share messages that challenge us to be faithful through troubled times.

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