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Kal is a young scientist, who fits well in the chip-regulated society. But when he accidentally discovers how the chip is playing with his mind, his life is in danger. Amber is a chipless girl from afar with a problem of her own. She helps Kal to escape the city police and they flee the city together. Now that the chip no longer controls him, Amber also arouses in Kal new, confusing feelings with which he has a hard time coping.

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What Remains
Kit Easton had struggled her entire life. Things couldn’t possibly have gotten any worse for her… until the day they did. Her mother was dying, her husband had long ago become the enemy, they were down to their last dime, and her daughter had distanced herself to avoid everyone and everything. When Kit’s sister takes their mother to New York for what is supposed to be a revolutionary, life-saving cure, a disaster no one could have predicted strikes. But it isn’t just Kit’s family that is affected, it rocks the entire world.

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