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The Outsiders
When Jason saw his grandfather, the renowned surgeon Dr. Patrick Barron, carrying a woman’s lifeless body into the woods, he was terrified. When Dr. Barron admitted to it and started explaining why it was necessary, Jason’s world would never be the same. He was now both the hunter and the hunted in a battle filled with otherworldly killers wearing human faces, fanatical cultists, and grisly rituals used to see into strange lands beyond our own.

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My little girl, Maya, loved dolls. Most little girls do. Even Elyse loved her dolls decades ago. Both girls are dead now, but they still love to play with dolls. Elyse is good at it, at controlling them. Elyse is evil that way. If I had any clue about the inheritance my aunt actually left me, if I’d had anywhere else to go, I would never have come to this farm. I wouldn’t have forced my husband and teenage daughter to live in this hoarder packed house. This house, this farm, is full of more than boxes and collectibles. It’s full of Elyse.

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