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A Place Of Shadows
A married couple with a young daughter is forced to confront an uncomfortable reality: each year around their child’s birthday, a different tragedy occurs that nearly takes the girl’s life. Does young Sophie somehow create the disasters, or is a dark force stalking her? As the parents wrestle to determine whether they are possessed, paranoid, or collectively going insane, “accidents” are happening more often and with greater intensity, endangering all of them—and possibly others.

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Survive the Fall
Greg Healy isn’t fooled—this hunting trip is designed to get Greg and his father to end their feud. Not even Greg’s teenage daughter or his father’s hunting buddies along for the ride will be enough of a buffer to heal the rift of long-standing resentments. They’ve barely been dropped off in the remote Canadian wilderness when they discover their new equipment is dead with no explanation. Now they’ll have to rely on each other and resort to Old West ingenuity to find their way home—before the hunter becomes the hunted.

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