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Valentine Hearts
Savor the magic of Josie Riviera’s sweet contemporary Valentine romances—exclusively in one boxed set!

$0.99! Click Here!
US UK and CA

XO: An Enemies to Lovers Romance
I swear to God, Jacob Lynch, if I ever see your arrogant, smug face again, I’ll ruin your manhood with a swift knee. You were the glorified football captain, the heartthrob, the most popular boy in school and yet suddenly you vanish leaving all your horrid friends pointing the finger at me, circling like hungry vultures to see if I would break. They just didn’t know that I already had. Daily. For months I cried for you. You. Broke. Me. You taunted and tormented me for years until you finally convinced me to fall in love with you. You said, “Nothing can ever tear us apart.” And I believed you. But you lied. And then you left. Without a word, without a touch, without a sound.

$0.99! Click Here!
US UK and CA

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